quarta-feira, agosto 13, 2014

Wife to Beer

It´s all about belgium beers. There´s a guy and his girlfriend in Brazil. He loves beer, specially belgium ones. He loves it even more than he loves his girlfriend. And she is aware of that.

Cut to a beer factory in Belgium. There´s this worker which, by accident, let his wedding ring fall into one bottle of beer. He searches for it everywhere but he can´t find it. Then, he returns home after his day at work, concerned and sad.

Cut back to Brazil, where the couple is having a fight. They scream to each other, the situation gets worse. They´re about to split, when the guy pour the rest of the belgium beer into her glass. A metallic sound comes from the bottom of the glass. She reaches in and finds the lost wedding ring. She smiles and kisses her boyfriend. He doesn´t get it right away until he sees the ring. Then he proposes to her. She accepts.

Cut to Belgium. The worker is trying to explain to his wife how he lost his wedding ring. She doesn´t believe a word of what he´s saying and expel him from their home. The last scene shows him outside and her wife throwing his clothes outside.

The end  

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